Progetto ITALICI
TEC Star funded within the project “Italici” – Nuove tecnologie per il Made in Italy – Industria 2015
July 23, 2010
european projects
TEC Star in Valencia to develop a proposal for a european FP7 project on Nanosafety
February 23, 2011

TEC Star: one out of 31 innovative start-ups in Emilia Romangna

TEC Star is one of the 31 innovative start-ups located in Emilia Romagne (one on the 8 from Modena), chosen within the regional call for the start-up of new innovative companies, sponsored with the “European Regional Development Fund” ERDF, based on European Union and Italian Goverment resourches. The selected candidates represent the most promising companies in the Hi-Tech, Innovation and Quality domains. The funds provided, will led the company to maximize all these aspects, making it more and more competitive within the national and international markets.