PROTECTIVE-NanoTech and TEX-NanoTech: brand new products for surface protection and sanitation.
April 8, 2020
Here it is: NANOMOTO MASK !
February 10, 2021

The proposals of Tec Star in the fight against the spread and transmission of the COVID-19 virus

Science has shown how nanotechnology can play a fundamental role in the fight and prevention of COVID-19 for this reason since the beginning of this pandemic, TEC STAR has wondered how to use its knowledge in the engineering of new materials and surfaces for contrasting the spread of Coronavirus.

Nanotechnology is the ability to engineer new systems, devices and materials through the control of matter at the molecular level, to exploit biological, chemical and physical phenomena and properties that only the infinitely small can provide.

The skills gained over years of experience in the development of active materials against pathogens and the continuous comparison with recent scientific literature have brought the activity of TEC STAR to focus on the research of nanostructured materials to be applied to surfaces, able to counteract the spread of contagion.    In fact, the awareness has developed (supported by scientific evidences) that a traditional sanitization process although effective has a limited duration over time and the probability of contagion through contaminated surfaces remains not zero, especially in highly frequented indoor environments.

The interaction between viruses and bacteria has also proved to be one of the causes of the exacerbation of the infection, especially in patients undergoing hospitalization in intensive care.

These evidences have convinced us to move forward in the direction of developing solutions able to minimizing the presence of pathogens on surfaces; this result can be achieved by following two main procedures: creating homniphobic bio-inspired surfaces (repulsion of water and oily substances) to avoid the adhesion of bacteria and viruses; using highly oxidizing active substances (self-regenerating, without metal ions), able to inhibiting pathogens growth.

The combination of these two procedures has let us to develop solutions for surfaces of different materials, without changing their appearance and technical characteristics, making them more resistant to dirt (easy to clean) and active against bacteria and viruses, in particular COVID-19.

TEX-NanoTech (now used in UNICA TOTAL DEFENSE, the FANNY Srl type IIR certified surgical mask, in Italy) and MAC-NanoTech are TEC STAR products resulting from this process.

The main properties of these products are:

  • certified effective protection against bacteria and viruses (as SARS-CoV-2):
    – TEX-NanoTech tested according to ASTM E2149-01 and ISO 18184: 2019 “Textiles – Determination of antiviral activity of textile products”
    – MAC-NanoTech tested according to ASTM E2180-18 and ISO 21702: 2019 “Measurement of antiviral activity on plastics and other non-porous surface”
  • prolonged and self-regenerating action over time: cleaning tests and microscopic analysis have proved the persistence of the product on surfaces even after washing or daily surface cleaning actions, with alcohol-based products
  • efficacy against bacteria and viruses without releasing metal ions or pollutants (VOC).

The fight against the spread of viruses and the prevention of known or unknown pathogens should be based on the use of good health practices, but also on the creation of cleaner and healthier environments.