Tec Star is an agile and dynamic company, specialised in developing hi-tech solutions for nanotechnology industrial applications. The company deals with R&D, production, engineering and selling of new nanostructured materials for the mechanical, automotive, ceramics, glass, chemical, textile, aeronautical, plastic material and composite material and polymer industries, and everything connected with these industries.

In particular Tec Star core business is focused on the production of nanoparticles, used as nanofillers within a wide range of industrial products, developing hi-tech solutions tailored on the needs of the companies who decide to start a collaboration with Tec Star. The major mission is thus to satisfy the customers’ needs on the basis of their requests, in terms of performance and properties of materials, providing a full service from the concept to the complete execution.


Alberto Borghi: President and CEO

Leonardo Rettighieri: CTO and R&D Director

Lorenzo Calabri: COO

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