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Laboratory and Institutional Collaborations

An internal laboratory for every need and request

We have our own laboratory, so we are able to carry out the experimentation and scale up phase for our customers interested in using nanotechnologies in their products.

In our laboratory we work to optimize and analyze the actual improvement in performance and carry out yield tests of the nanotechnological product designed, always ensuring the highest quality standards for our customers.

Long-standing institutional collaborations

We were one of the first Italian companies to deal with nanotechnologies in industrial field and this fact gave us the opportunity to contribute to various European projects aimed at drawing up guidelines for the safe use of nanotechnologies in industrial products and production processes (nano-safety) .

In the field of materials and surfaces science, we still collaborate with universities and public and/or private research institutions in Italy, such as the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia and the CNR.

Furthermore, our long-standing collaborations with Italian and foreign institutional bodies makes us able to provide our customers with cutting-edge scientific and technical equipment for analysis and the best minds in the country in the field of nanotechnology research and development.