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SCRAPILOS - antiscratch nanoadditve

29 January 2024

SCRAPILOS is a nanoadditive designed to improve the resistance to microscratches of water-based melamine resins.
It is able to improve the scratch resistance of a standard resin, making it classify MSR-A1, the best classification of the standard EN 16094:2012 - Laminate floor coverings - procedure A test method (gloss change ≤ 10%).
Resistance to microscratches is defined as the percentage ratio between the Gloss value of the surface, before and after the abrasive treatment.

SCRAPILOS is easily added to resins by mechanical mixing, it does not modiphy the surfaces (colours, textures, brightness, roughness) and does not react with the other chemical components of the resin (surfactants, hardeners, etc.) .

pH 9
Viscosity [mPa.s] 10
Density [g/ml] 1,23 - 1,24