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AWA-G is a nanotechnological additive for improving the lubrication performance of lithium-based lubricating greases.

AWA-G is a nanotechnological additive based on spherical nanoparticles having a particular stratified structure (“onion like"), able to increase the lubrication properties at high pressures, when added to lithium-based greases, reducing wear, friction and noise.

The spherical nanoparticles guarantee the grease greater capacity to support high loads and pressures, protecting the surfaces in contact, both in the event of high shear stresses and impacts at high loads.



  • Reduced wear and friction
  • Increased the "welding load" compared to grease with no additives
  • Advantage of nanoparticles with a particular layered structure


  • Less noise
  • Nano-added grease can be used in systems subject to high pressure conditions
  • During operation the nanoparticles, in addition to supporting the load and absorbing shocks, flake off and create a surface coating with a low coefficient of friction


  • Increased device life
  • Reduced risk of seizure and breakage of mechanical systems/bearings
  • Low coefficient of friction, even in conditions of high contact pressure between the surfaces


The stratified structure of the nanoparticles allows their exfoliation during operation, creating a solid and self-lubricating surface coating, able to reduce friction and wear under extreme pressure conditions, even in the absence of lubricant.


AWA-G is supplied in 20kg packs.

Storage and shelf life

AWA-G must be stored at temperatures between +5°C and +30°C. The estimated shelf life is 12 months (in unopened package). Do not leave the package open and do not let the product freeze.

Usage tips

It is recommended to add AWA-G at a concentration between 3% and 5% by weight of the lithium base grease.

Depending on the concentration, it is possible to obtain a nano-additive grease with "welding loads" ranging from 400kg to 800kg (normal lithium greases usually have welding loads lower than 200kg).