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CETABOOST Racing is a nanotechnological additive for diesel fuel, composed of a mixture of hydrocarbons, vegetable oils and nanoparticles, able to optimize the performance of diesel engines of cars and recreational boats.

The nanoparticles in the fuel are able to reduce emissions and fuel consumption by improving efficiency.

The fuel thus becomes a "nanofuel", where the nanoparticles act as catalysts, thanks to their high surface area and chemical reactivity, facilitating the combustion reaction.

In detail, the fuel absorbed on the surface of the nanoparticles, once injected in the combustion chamber, evaporates faster (thanks to a greater available surface) reducing the injection delay, the combustion time and the quantity of unburned fuel.

Main Properties


  • Contains nanoparticles


  • Increased diesel engine performance
  • Cleaner fuel injectors
  • Increased cleanliness inside the combustion chamber
  • Reduced engine injection times
  • Reduced algae generation and organic contaminants in tank


  • Increased horse power
  • Decreased mechanical maintenance
  • Reduced smoke at the exhaust, fewer pollutants at the DPF
  • Increased diesel combustion, reduced fuel consumption, increased kilometers range
  • Cleaner tank and injection system


CETABOOST Racing improves diesel efficiency thanks to the presence of nanoparticles:

  1. Performance increase: higher engine power and reduction of friction losses
  2. Better consumption/mileage ratio
  3. Better engine torque delivery
  4. Elimination/reduction of exhaust smoke (K value)
  5. Reduction of wear on moving mechanical parts
  6. Better cleaning of the mechanical parts after combustion and at the EGR valve
  7. Fewer pollutants at the FAP.


CETABOOST Racing is supplied in :

  • 250ml tanks
  • 1L tanks
  • 5L tanks
  • 20L tanks

Storage and shelf life

CETABOOST Racing must be stored at temperatures between +5°C and +30°C. The estimated shelf life is 12 months (in unopened package). Do not leave the package open and do not let the product freeze.

Usage tips

It is recommended to add CETABOOST Racing to diesel fuel: 100ml for every 50L of fuel.

Insert the additive directly into the tank, without mixing beforehand.
In order to optimize performance, it is recommended to use CETABOOST Racing in combination with OFR Racing or OFR Racing PLUS additives for engine oil and CF, high performance and ecological nanotechnological radiator coolant, based on Glycerol and Water.