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OCTABOOST Racing PLUS is a nanotechnological additive for gasoline, developed to improve the performance of racing engines without increasing the octane number, with a reduction in fuel consumption.

The fuel thus becomes a "nanofuel" where the nanoparticles present make the explosion reaction more efficient, making more energy available for engine power and torque.

In detail, the nanoparticles contained in OCTABOOST Racing have hydroxyl groups (•OH) and oxygen atoms (•O•) on their surface; the presence of these groups is important for the fuel explosion reaction, reducing its ignition temperature and the quantity of unburned fuel, with a consequent reduction in the production of polluting gases and greater power available to the engine.

Main Properties


  • Contains nanoparticles


  • Increased gasoline performance
  • Decreased fuel combustion
  • Reduced friction and wear
  • It does not increase the octane numbe


  • Increased torque and power
  • Reduced consumption of gasoline, increased cleanliness inside the combustion chamber
  • Easier working of the injection or intake system


OCTABOOST Racing PLUS improves the efficiency of gasoline fuel, thanks to the presence of nanoparticles:

  1. Increased engine performance: higher power and reduced friction losses
  2. Improved gasoline consumption/mileage ratio
  3. Improved engine torque delivery
  4. Reduced wear on moving mechanical parts
  5. Improved cleanliness of the mechanical parts, both in aspirated and injection engines
  6. Reduced injection times


OCTABOOST Racing PLUS is supplied in:

  • 1L packs
  • 5L cans

Storage and shelf life

OCTABOOST Racing PLUS must be stored at temperatures between +5°C and +30°C. The estimated shelf life is 12 months (in unopened package). Do not leave the package open and do not let the product freeze.

Usage tips

It is recommended to add OCTABOOST Racing PLUS to gasoline: add 100ml for every 50L of fuel.

Insert the additive directly into the tank, without mixing beforehand.
In order to optimize performance, it is recommended to use OCTABOOST Racing PLUS in combination with OFR Racing PLUS additives for engine oil and, CF Racing PLUS, high performance nanotechnological water-based radiator coolant for racing circuits.