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OFR-BoostENgreen is an ester-based nanotechnological additive for lubricating oils used in gear motors, gears, transmission parts, gearboxes, etc.

OFR-BoostENgreen is compatible with any type of oil, as vegetable, mineral or synthetic.

Main Properties


  • Ester base additive
  • Reduced friction and wear
  • Increased thermal properties of the lubricant


  • Good compatibility and low environmental impact
  • Improvement in operation of mechanical systems in contact
  • Improvement in heat dispersion in contact areas between mechanical systems


  • Compatible with both synthetic and mineral oils
  • Increased oil and device life; reduced maintenance costs and consumption (electricity or fuel)
  • Reduced operating temperature


OFR BoostENgreen improves the properties of the lubricating oil:

  1. The nanoparticles behave like nano-bearings between the surfaces, modifying the pure sliding contact into a mixed sliding-rolling contact, which decreases the friction coefficient and wear;
  2. The nanoparticles cause the formation of a surface coating (called "third body") between the surfaces in contact, which protects them from the propagation and/or formation of breaks/cracks and reduces friction;
  3. Nanoparticles have a self-repairing effect, as they fill porosity or cracks possibly generated on the surfaces in contact;
  4. The nanoparticles carry out a nano-lapping of the surfaces in contact, reducing the roughness and consequently the friction and wear.


OFR BoostENgreen is supplied in:

  • 1L packs
  • 5L or 20L tanks
  • 220L drums

Storage and shelf life

OFR BoostENgreen must be stored at temperatures between +5°C and +30°C. The estimated shel life is 12 months (in unopened package). Do not leave the package open and do not let the product freeze.

Usage tips

It is recommended to use OFR BoostENgreen by adding it in the measure of 20g for every 1kg of lubricating oil.

In the case of gearmotors or industrial gears, which use quantities of oil greater than 10kg, it is recommended to use 30g of OFR BoostENgreen for every 1kg of oil, for best performance.