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PROTECTIVE-BW is a transparent, water and oil repellent nanotechnological protective coating for bodywork, gelcoat and painted parts (both polymers and metals).
It is resistant to acid, alkali and dirt from pollution.
PROTECTIVE-BW increases the shine and slipperiness of the surface, with a silky touch effect.

PROTECTIVE-BW is also available in the Slow version: PROTECTIVE-BWS, with a longer drying time and easier application; and NOIR version for black and dark cars.

It has a duration on the surface of at least 2 years.

Main Properties


  • Transparent, water repellant and compact coating
  • UV resistant
  • It protects against corrosion/oxidation from atmospheric agents, salt, chlorine, oil and in general from acid and basic substances
  • Anti-adherent


  • It creates an ultra-thin and uniform nano-coating
  • It does not degrade in sunlight and in particularly harsh environmental conditions
  • Decreased adhesion of dirt, water and oil


  • It covers the surface pores of the material, not flaking, long life on the surface
  • Suitable for applications on boats and aircraft and on vehicles coated with covering/aesthetic adhesives (wrapping)
  • It protects the paint over time
  • Reduced maintenance/cleaning


PROTECTIVE-BW is supplied in:

  • 250ml aluminum cans
  • 1L aluminum cans
  • 50ml glass packs

Storage and shelf life

PROTECTIVE-BW must be stored in the original packaging in a dry and cool place (with a temperature not higher than 25°C and not lower than 5°C). In this way the product can be stored for 12 months.

Usage tips

PROTECTIVE-BW is a ready-to-use product (do not dilute with solvents or other liquid substances).


  • DO NOT apply in windy conditions
  • DO NOT apply if the surface is damp or wet (the dew point must NOT be on the surface to be treated)
  • DO NOT apply on surfaces that are too hot or exposed to the sun, to prevent the solvent from evaporating too quickly and creating unwanted accumulations of product
  • Optimal environmental conditions: temperatures between 5°C and 30°C, and relative humidity (RH) not exceeding 80%.


  • make sure the surface is completely clean and dry.
  • in the case of pre-polishing or cleaning with surfactants products, wash the surface very well with water and finally with isopropyl alcohol, to eliminate any surface residues, prior to apply PROTECTIVE BW;
  • apply a few drops of PROTECTIVE-BW on a microsuede cloth (replace the cloth several times during application, to prevent it from stiffening and scratching the surface);
  • treat the surface by making small areas at a time (no more than 50x50cm), crossing with vertical and horizontal movements, paying attention to uniformly coat the entire affected area (use a special stiff pad to better apply the product on the surface of interest) ;
  • leave for 2 minutes;
  • polish the treated area with a microfiber cloth (at least 1000g/m2) making circular movements, making sure that the surface of the cloth is always soft (turn and replace the cloth several times during application) or polish with an orbital polisher for bodywork, often changing the disc;
  • go on to treat a new near surface area, making a small overlap (a few millimeters) with the previously treated area (if available, use special LED lamps to ensure good illumination of the surface and therefore uniformity of treatment)

ATTENTION: before applying the product, do a test in an small and not visible area, to verify application methods and results

Protective-BW contains solvent: Xylene.

PROTECTIVE-BW is also available in the Slow version (PROTECTIVE-BWS), with a longer drying time and easier application. PROTECTIVE-BWS does not contain conventional organic solvents but silane-based solvents

ATTENTION: consult the product Safety Data Sheet.