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PROTECTIVE-FAB Th is a nanotechnological thermoregulatory treatment for transpiring and transparent polyester fabrics, with high thermal conductivity. It reflects infrared rays (cause of thermal heating by radiation), shields from UV rays and is active against bacteria.

PROTECTIVE-FAB th improves body comfort thanks to four main factors:

  1. Increased the dissipation of body heat, through the evaporation of sweat
  2. Increased thermal conductivity and UV shield
  3. Increased heat reduction by radiation
  4. Increased feeling of freshness through nerve stimulation of skin receptors.

It favors the dissipation of heat through the fabric, improving the absorption of body sweat by capillary effect.

Increases thermal conductivity thanks to the action of nano-additives, leaving a feeling of freshness thanks to the presence of unscented natural molecules, which act on the nerve receptors of the skin.

Main Properties


  • Easier absorption of sweat from the body skin
  • Higher thermal conductivity
  • Presence of the basic molecules of menthol
  • Reflection of infrared rays and shielding from UV rays
  • Sanitizing effect


  • Increased heat dissipation through the fabric
  • More effective heat transport from the body to the outside of the fabric
  • Molecules source of freshness are odorless and activated only in the presence of sweat
  • Reduction the negative effects of UV rays in sunlight
  • Reduction in the presence of bacteria


  • Increased wear comfort
  • Cooler body surface
  • Increased perception of freshness through nerve stimulation of skin receptors
  • Protection of the skin and increased the heat shield
  • Minor unpleasant odors

PROTECTIVE-FAB Th completely coats the individual fibers (as seen in the electron microscope image) leaving the fabric breathable.
PROTECTIVE-FAB Th is activated in the presence of sweat.

The treated fabric increases the property to absorb body sweat, prolonging the cooling action by evaporation over time.

The presence of nanoadditives improves the thermal conductivity of the fabric, protects the skin from the harmful effect of UV rays and from heating due to the effect of solar radiation.

The treatment acts actively on bacteria, without the use of silver and other heavy metals, improving the comfort of use of the fabric during prolonged physical exercise.


PROTECTIVE-FAB Th is supplied in 2K form (two components to mix):

  • Component A in:
    • 5L plastic packs
    • 25L plastic packs


  • Component B in:
    • 2L plastic packs
    • 5L plastic packs

Storage and shelf life

PROTECTIVE-FAB Th must be stored in the original packaging in a dry and cool place (with a temperature not higher than 25°C and not lower than 5°C). In this way the product can be stored for 12 months.

Usage tips

PROTECTIVE-FAB Th is a product in 2K (two components to mix):

  1. COMPONENT A is a concentrate to be diluted: 40-80 g of COMPONENT A in 1L of water, depending on the desired effect of sweat absorption by the fabric. It can be applied to both white and colored polyester fabrics.
  2. COMPONENT B is a concentrate to be diluted: 20 g of COMPONENT B in 1L of water.


Pour COMPONENT A in water in the desired quantity (possibly at a water temperature between 40 - 70 °C); then add 20g of COMPONENT B for every 1L of water.
Once treated, dry the fabric in the oven at a temperature between 100-140°C.


Set the water temperature to 40 – 70 °C, pour COMPONENT A into the detergent dispenser in the desired quantity, then add 20g of COMPONENT B for every 1L of water. Use a washing/treatment program with a duration of at least 20 minutes.

Centrifuge leaving the fabric slightly damp, then transfer to a tumbler at 100°C for about 1 hour.

ATTENTION: consult the product Safety Data Sheet.