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PROTECTIVE-HT NanoTech is a nanocomposite ceramic resin, which creates a flame resistant surface coating, particularly suitable for the impregnation of carbon fiber threads and fabrics.

Applied to carbon fiber fabrics, PROTECTIVE-HT NanoTech increases thermal insulation and resistance of fabric.


Main Properties


  • Flame resistant
  • Nanocomposite ceramic insulating treatment


  • High protection of fibers from flame by creating a ceramic layer
  • High compactness and low thickness and weight


  • Protection against combustion for carbon fibers
  • Increased thermal insulation of carbon fiber composites


PROTECTIVE-HT NanoTech is supplied in 1L aluminum cans.

Storage and shelf life

PROTECTIVE-HT NanoTech must be stored in the original packaging in a dry and cool place (with a temperature not higher than 25°C and not lower than 5°C). In this way the product can be stored for 12 months.

Usage tips

PROTECTIVE-HT NanoTech is a ready-to-use product (do not dilute with solvents or other liquid substances).


  • DO NOT apply if the surface is damp or wet (the dew point must NOT be on the surface to be treated)
  • Environmental conditions: temperatures between 5°C and 30°C, and relative humidity not exceeding 80%.


  • apply the product by hand on the carbon fiber using a brush or by immersion, taking care to wet the fiber well even between the meshes of the fabric;
  • squeeze the treated sheet with a steel roller, removing the excess resin;
  • assemble the various treated sheets inside the mold and put them in an autoclave at 150°C for 2 hours;
  • once the cycle in the autoclave is finished, remove the piece from the mold and heat it in an inert gas atmosphere (Nitrogen or Argon) following this thermal cycle: ramp up from room temperature to 1100°C at 4°C/minute, stay at 1100°C for 2h, descent according to the inertia of the furnace up to room temperature.

ATTENTION: consult the product Safety Data Sheet.