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PROTECTIVE-R is a scratch-resistant protective surface coating for resin surfaces (both polymer-based and cementitious), particularly suitable for walkable surfaces.

PROTECTIVE-R creates a transparent, compact surface coating, resistant to high temperatures (up to 250°C), atmospheric agents and UV rays.

Thanks to its nanotechnological components, the resin increases its resistance to wear and scratches, as well as improving its cleanability, reducing the adhesion of dirt (including the marks left by the wheels of trolleys and forklifts), grease and oil spill.

It protects the coated surfaces for more than 2 years.


Main Properties


  • Transparent coating
  • High abrasion resistance
  • It protects against corrosion/oxidation from atmospheric agents, chlorine and in general from acid and basic substances
  • Anti-adherent


  • It creates a thin and transparent nanotech coating, not changing the appearance of the resin surface (colour).
  • It’s suitable for surfaces that can be walked on and driven over (with forklifts)
  • It can be used in harsh chemical environments
  • Reduced adhesion of dirt (including marks from trolley wheels) and bacteria


  • Increased gloss of the resin and preserved appearance for longer time
  • It can be used on floors and countertops
  • Increased life of the coated surfaces and reduced maintenance/cleaning times and costs
  • Easier maintenance, greater safety


PROTECTIVE-R is supplied in:

  • 250ml aluminum cans
  • 1L aluminum cans

Storage and shelf life

PROTECTIVE-R must be stored in the original packaging in a dry and cool place (with a temperature not higher than 25°C and not lower than 5°C). In this way the product can be stored for 12 months.

Usage tips

PROTECTIVE-R is ready to use (do not dilute with solvents or other liquid substances).

Apply PROTECTIVE-R by hand (with the use of a microfiber fleece or cloth) or by spray, with  HVLP (High Volume and Low Pressure) or AIRLESS system.


  • DO NOT apply in windy conditions
  • DO NOT apply if the surface is damp or wet (the dew point must NOT be on the surface to be treated)
  • DO NOT apply on surfaces that are too hot or exposed to the sun, to prevent the solvent from evaporating too quickly and creating unwanted accumulations of product
  • Optimal environmental conditions: temperatures between 5°C and 30°C and relative humidity (RH) not exceeding 80%.


  • clean and degrease the surface before application
  • apply the product by hand using a cloth or fleece with short bristles (pay attention to the formation of any streaks or halos) or by spray with HVLP or AIRLESS system, with airbrush gun with 0.5-0.8 mm nozzle and 1-1.5 bar pressure.

ACTIVATION TIMES: at room temperature the product is dry to the touch after 120 minutes and can be walked on 8 hours after application.

The product reaches complete cross-linking and shows optimal surface properties, 5-7 days after application at room temperature.

COVERAGE: PROTECTIVE-R has a coverage of 80-90 m2/kg on low absorbent surfaces and 40-50 m2/kg on porous surfaces.

PROTECTIVE-R contains solvent: Butyl Acetate.

ATTENTION: consult the product Safety Data Sheet.