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PROTECTIVE-TM is a protective surface coating for metals, polymers, ceramics. It is transparent, compact, resistant to abrasion, high temperatures (up to 250°C), atmospheric agents and UV rays.

It has a surface hardness of 6H (measured with the pencil test) and it’s able to reduce the adhesion of dirt and bacteria, making the surfaces easy to clean.

It protects surfaces from dirt, bacteria, fingerprints, limestone, oil, grease and from chemical corrosion due to acid and alkaline products (with the exception of acetic acid).

It lasts more than 2 years, even on surfaces subject to foot traffic.

Main Properties


  • It protects surfaces against corrosion/oxidation from atmospheric agents, from chlorine and in general from acids and bases substances
  • Anti-adherent against dirt and fingerprint
  • High compactness and good adhesion to multi surfaces
  • 6H hardness and abrasion resistance
  • Resistant to high temperatures (max 250°C) and UV rays


  • It can be used in chemical aggressive environments
  • Decreased adhesion of dirt and bacteria
  • It creates a thin and very adherent coating, which uniformly covers even complex surfaces, without peeling off
  • Suitable for walkable surfaces
  • It does not degrade in sunlight and temperature


  • Increased life of the treated materials and reduced maintenance and cleaning times and costs
  • There are no uncovered areas, it covers the surface pores of the material, with high durability
  • It can also be used on floors, worktops and transparent polycarbonate surfaces
  • It can also be used outdoors


PROTECTIVE-TM is supplied in:

  • 250ml aluminum cans
  • 1L aluminum cans

Storage and shelf life

PROTECTIVE-TM must be stored in the original packaging in a dry and cool place (with a temperature not higher than 25°C and not lower than 5°C). In these conditions the product can be stored for 12 months.

Usage tips

OPTIMAL APPLICATION CONDITIONS: temperatures between 5° and 30° with relative humidity (RH) not exceeding 80 %



  1. release (higher thickness for high mechanical resistance):
    • apply the product by hand using a microfiber cloth or short-bristled fleece (pay attention to the formation of any scratches or halos), or by spray with a HVLP or AIRLESS system, with a gun with 0.5-0.8 mm nozzle and pressure 1-1.5 bars. In this way, thicknesses of up to 5 microns can be obtained;
  • stretched (less thickness, to seal the porosity on the surfaces):
    • apply the product by hand using a microfiber cloth, let the solvent evaporate for 1-2 minutes and then wipe the surface with a dry and soft microfiber cloth, with circular movements often changing the drying side and the cloth itself;

In the case of surfaces that can be walked on (ceramic or stoneware), use a polishing machine fitted with a white nylon disc for natural surfaces or a more absorbent fiber disc for polished, smooth or lapped surfaces:

  • proceed by treating small surface areas to prevent inhomogeneities caused by excessive evaporation of the solvent. In this way a shiny surface is obtained with coating thicknesses of less than 2 microns, capable of sealing porosity and therefore protecting against dirt, maintaining the same finish as the starting surface.


ACTIVATION TIMES: at room temperature the product is dry to the touch after 120 minutes; if heated in a painting oven at 80°C after 60 minutes.

The product reaches complete cross-linking and guarantee optimal surface properties, after 5-7 days at room temperature.

COVERAGE: PROTECTIVE-TM has a coverage of 70-80 m2/kg for smooth surfaces; 40-50 m2/kg for porous surfaces.

PROTECTIVE-TM contains solvent: Butyl Acetate.

PROTECTIVE-TM is also available in the Slow version (PROTECTIVE-TMS), with a longer drying time and easier application. PROTECTIVE-TMS does not contain classic organic solvents but silane-based solvents.

ATTENTION: consult the product Safety Data Sheet