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STIKILOS® is a highly durable, anti-adhesive and protective nanotechnological surface coating for steel, coated steel (excluding chromed surfaces) and aluminum molds for thermoplastics materials.

STIKILOS makes easier the detachment of the plastic material during the production cycle, thanks to a repellent, not sticking effect against the polymer.

STIKILOS cause a better and faster mold filling, increasing production performance: increasing number of molded pieces/hour and/or average injection pressure, reducing the number of rejected or not complying pieces.

STIKILOS does not modify the geometric tolerances and the surface finish of the mold (even for mirror polished surfaces) and does not leave residues on the surface of the molded material, so making possible to immediately coat the parts (with painting, metallization, etc.) without the need for intermediate cleaning and washing procedures.

STIKILOS complies with European legislation, n. 10/2011 for food contact and it does not contain toxic substances for operators.

Main Properties


  • Ultra-thin and durable coating
  • Easier detachment of the plastic material during the molding cycle (preventing surface scratching by ejector pins)
  • No changing in geometric tolerances and in surface finish of the mold (even for mirror polished surfaces)
  • No residues on the surface of molded materials
  • Easily applicable, not contained toxic substances for the operators


  • Not striping coating and durability for long time
  • Reduced mechanical interventions for the removal of the pieces from the molds
  • Suitable for molds with complex geometries
  • The molded pieces do not require post molding cleaning processes
  • Easier application through spray cans


  • Reduced mold maintenance cycles, increased productivity
  • Reduced production material waste
  • Increased injection speed
  • Improved quality of molding process and molded products, such as embossing, reflectors, etc.
  • Application both for the molding of biomedical devices and in the food sector
  • Application before mold maintenance or storage in warehouse between one production cycle and another, protecting surfaces from oxidation.


STIKILOS® is supplied in 200ml spray cans.

Storage and shelf life

STIKILOS® must be stored in the original packaging in a dry and cool place (with a temperature not higher than 25°C and not lower than 5°C). In these conditions the shelf life is 12 months.

Usage tips

STIKILOS® is a ready-to-use product in a spray can.


  • DO NOT use STIKILOS in the presence of other release agents, protective agents and lubricants on the mold surface;
  • make sure that the mold is degreased and well cleaned, using solvents to remove any polymer residues;
  • DO NOT touch the surface treated with STIKILOS with hands without gloves.
  • Do not apply other types of protective or lubricants.


For better product effectiveness, it is recommended to treat the surface of the mold with STIKILOS at the beginning of the production cycle.

  • Shake the spray can before use;
  • Spray uniformly the product over the entire surface of the mold without leaving untreated areas.
  • A single surface coat is enough for anti-sticking properties; any excess product is removed during the initial phase of molding (at the beginning, 3-5 molded pieces may have whitish treatment residues on the surface and could be discarded).

The effectiveness of the treatment remains even over several production cycles.
It is necessary to renew the treatment on the mold every maintenance operations time, in the case of contamination of the treated surface.

ACTIVATION TIMES: Once STIKILOS has been applied on the surface of the mold, it must be allowed to dry and react, in order to ensure good adhesion to the metal.

Drying and activation takes place at room temperature in 8-9 hours, or in 1 hour heating the mold between 70°C and 100°C. After this activation time, it is possible to start injection molding process.

YIELD: STIKILOS® has a yield of about 3m2 per spray can.

STIKILOS® is a flammable product.

ATTENTION: consult the product Safety Data Sheet.