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TEC Star: one out of 31 innovative start-ups in Emilia Romangna
January 26, 2011
TEC Star at the NANOCODE workshop
June 9, 2011

TEC Star in Valencia to develop a proposal for a european FP7 project on Nanosafety

TEC Star participated to the round-table in Valencia, at the ITENE center, in order to develop and prepare a proposal for a European FP7 project about Nanosafety: safety for worker and exposure risk management strategies for nanomateriali production, use and disposal, within the ink and pigment industries.

TEC Star, with the intent to be always updated about safety and risk management related to the use and handling of nanoparticles, is active within a European network in order to develop this important topic, within a series of European FP7 projects, and create knowledge and safety standards, still lacking in this high-tech technological field. The risk management of the use and handling of nanoparticles is not guided by well defined international standards and TEC Star is trying to bring a contribute, networking with the most important research and technological centres in Europe.