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Transmission parts

Both in engines and in industrial systems, the transmission gears are forced to operate at temperatures even higher than 150°C for long times; the components are increasingly smaller and they often have to face with mechanical friction, producing severe wear.

Contact surfaces in bearings, seals and gears are usually lubricated with specific oils, to control friction and wear.

Thanks to the use of nanotechnological additives it is possible to improve the tribological properties of the whole mechanical system, with consequent reduction in maintenance and energy costs because of lower energy absorption.

The main target of the nanotechnological products designed for the transmission parts technological sector is decreasing the friction between the components and accordingly their wear and operating in working conditions even at high temperatures.

Our Nanotech additives also increase the thermal properties of the lubricant, improving the performance of mechanical systems, without changing its usual viscosity and color.

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OFR-BoostENgreen is an ester-based nanotechnological additive for lubricating oils used in gear motors, gears, transmission parts, gearboxes, etc.



OFR-Racing is a nanotechnological additive developed to improve the performance of engine oils.



OFR Racing PLUS is a nanotechnological additive developed for the racing sector, with the target of improving the lubrication performance of engine and gearbox oils.



AWA-G is a nanotechnological additive for improving the lubrication performance of lithium-based lubricating greases.