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Handles, faucets, home accessories

Handles, faucets and home accessories: thanks to the nanotechnological protective coatings, all the furnishing accessories and accessories made with PVD vacuum coatings, painted or made by stainless steel are able to increase functional properties of great importance such as: water repellency, resistance to scratches or abrasion, resistance to stains, protection from bacteria and viruses.

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PROTECTIVE-TM is a protective surface coating for metals, polymers, ceramics. It is transparent, compact, resistant to abrasion, high temperatures (up to 250°C), atmospheric agents and UV rays.



MAC (Multisurfaces Active Coating) is an ultra-thin, waterproof, universal transparent surface coating that reduces the adhesion of dirt.



MAC-NanoTech is a water-repellent surface coating that reduces the adhesion of dirt, protects surfaces from bacteria and viruses, eliminates air pollutants, thanks to the effect of light.