Nanomicex project
Verification and control of exposure to nanomaterials in TEC STAR laboratories
September 19, 2013
NanotechITALY 2013
TEC Star at “Nanotechitaly2013”, November 27th-29th, 2013
November 20, 2013

TEC Star in Valencia for the mid Term meeting of the FP7 european project Nanomicex

TEC Star participated at the mid Term meeting of the FP7 European project Nanomicex, held in Valencia at ITENE, specialist Technological Center in R & D in packaging, logistics, transport and mobility. ITENE is the project leader of Nanomicex: project about Nanosafety, related to the safety of workers and exposure risk management strategies for nanomateriali production, use and disposal, within the ink and pigment industries.

This project is very important for TEC Star, that participates as a SME, to gain access to all the latest news in the area of Nanosafety, highly topical subject of great interest for TEC Star. In addition, this project allows TEC Star to actively participate at the European research in the field of nanotechnology and nanomaterials, in order to make innovation of nanomaterials, more accessible, usable and safe.

At the meeting the Officer of the EU Commision was present to evaluate the part of the project developed so far, with very interesting partial results, in line with the initial forecast. Thus, during the meeting all the work done in this first half of the project has been explained and all the steps for the next half of the project has been outlined.