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March 14, 2014
LET'S 2014 conference
TEC Star at “LET’S 2014” September 30th 2014
September 15, 2014

Stikilos ® – It is a process facilitator for injection moulding of plastics… not a simple release agent

More and more positive feedbacks, showed us that Stikilos is not a simple release agent that allows the extraction from the mould of the so-called “complex” parts, but it facilitates and improves the whole moulding process, improving the rheology of the melt, the mould filling and consequently the quality of the moulded plastic part.

In particular an evident reduction in the number of rejected parts at the end of production has been reported: in some case up to 60% less of rejected parts over a production of 10,000-12,000 pieces. Likewise an increment in the rate of production has been observed (increment of more than 50% of the moulded parts/hour rate). Indeed, in specific cases the cycle time has been reduced from 90 to about 40 seconds after the introduction of Stikilos within the production process.

Finally, in other cases, the injection pressure has been increased of more than 50%, without compromising the mould releasing effect. This feature significantly increases the surface quality of the moulded part, as well as the efficacy of the mould filling.

All the features of Stikilos and all the application details are reported in the datasheet [Download Stikilos Datasheet]

So, Ask for Stikilos, Test it with all your moulded products and Verify the benefit you can obtain on quality of your products and on efficiency of your production [Contact Us]

For further information, go to the link: Stikilos Web Page