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18/04/2018 – Workshop on Coating and Surface Treatments
February 6, 2018
The proposals of Tec Star in the fight against the spread and transmission of the COVID-19 virus
January 28, 2021

PROTECTIVE-NanoTech and TEX-NanoTech: brand new products for surface protection and sanitation.

Tec Star presents two new products able to protect the surfaces of different materials: fabric, wood, metal, ceramic and plastic:

PROTECTIVE-NanoTech and TEX-NanoTech

They are able to give photocatalytic and oxidizing properties to the treated objects, reducing the proliferation of bacteria and viruses (comply with ISO 22196 standard).

PROTECTIVE-NanoTech produces a very thin transparent protective coating (thickness less than 5 microns), but extremely resistant, able to fill the typical porosities of materials such as wood and ceramic (stoneware, terracotta), making them easy to clean; it makes the surface of metals non-oxidable, corrosion-resistant and anti-fingerprint (easy removal of fingerprints); on polymers, it makes plastic surfaces more resistant to micro-scratching (as in the case of polycarbonate).

TEX-NanoTech is a product capable of impregnating materials (for example fabrics, both natural and synthetic) forming a very thin invisible barrier that makes objects super-hydrophobic and oleophobic, so able to reject water and oily substances. This property makes the treated products anti-stain or easy to clean.

For further information (application method, yield, etc.) you can download the technical data sheets: TDS PROTECTIVE-NanoTech   TDS TEX-NanoTech