Here it is: NANOMOTO MASK !
February 10, 2021
Safe and easy to use: MAC NANOTECH PAD
June 18, 2021

MAC-NANOTECH reduces pollutants in the atmosphere

Recent laboratory tests have shown that the universal surface coating MAC-NANOTECH is able to reduce gaseous nitrogen compounds (NOx) in the atmosphere by 40%; these types of gases represent a part of the pollutants present in the air, produced by combustion (from car engines, house heating, etc.).

It has been estimated that 1 square meter of surface coated with MAC-NANOTECH exposed to the sun is able to reduce NOx gases in a way comparable to 100 square meters of tree cover, thanks to its photocatalytic properties.

The ability of MAC-NANOTECH to be applied on large surfaces allows it to be used, for example, on awnings, tensile structures, gazebos, truck tarps, etc. allowing these large surfaces, illuminated by sunlight, to become economical “air purifiers”.