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December 27, 2021
NANOMOTO presents RACING PLUS product line
March 18, 2022

PROTECTIVE-R: low surface energy nanocoating for resin floors

PROTECTIVE-R is a transparent nanostructured surface coating, ideal for the protection of resin floors, able to make the surface resistant to stains, easy to clean (even from the marks left by tires), anti-scratch and anti-wear.

PROTECTIVE-R is recommended on all industrial resin surfaces subjected to mechanical wear and dirt, for example due to the passage of heavy vehicles, foot traffic or manufacturing processes, which produce stains which are difficult to remove.

In the image you can see the treated resin floor; this floor was subjected to stains by tires of goods handling vehicles which have become easily cleanable without the use of detergents, thanks to the presence of PROTECTIVE-R on the surface.