Nanomaterials, nanoparticles and nanotechnology providers and researchers

Tec Star corporate objective includes R&D, designing, production and selling of new nanostructured materials for all the following industries: mechanical, automotive, ceramic, glass, chemical, textile, aeronautics, plastic materials and composite, including polymers, industries and everything else connected or auxiliary to them.

This is an extremely innovative asset with major contents of R&D and it is not hard to outguess significant synergies with Tec Eurolab in the field of materials characterization.

Tec Star, one of the first Italian companies to deal with nanotechnologies, has contributed to several European projects concerning the safety of products and processes related to nanotechnologies (nano-safety).


This section introduces some of the nanotech products that TEC Star has developed in the last years. TEC Star model provides, in addition, the total customization of the products listed, in order to satisfy the specific needs of the customer.
It is also possible to place industrial-size orders for all the TEC Star products.

Please contact us for more information on customization potentially applicable to your products.


TEC Star is able to provide a complete characterization and problem solving service, regarding nanomaterials and surface coatings (chemical composition, crystalline structure, mechanical and tribological behavior).

The technicians’ skills and the equipment available, allow TEC Star to provide a full support to customers who wish to fully understand the composition and the properties of their materials, verify the quality of supplies and of technical solutions from R&D, and solve problems related to failures (corrosion , abrasion, etc.)..

Please contact us for more information about the available services and to introduce us your questions about coatings, surface treatments, nanoparticles and nanoparticles suspensions.


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