TEC Star Nanomaterials are hi-tech products developed within our laboratories. These are finished and ready to use products, already mass produced and available for industrial sales.

The products today registered and available on the market are the following:

STIKILOS® treatment is an ultra-thin hydrophobic coating, with high adhesion on the substrate giving easy release effect for plastic molded parts. It works with all the main thermoplastic materials (PP, PE, PC, PMMA, etc.)

The treatment is non toxic solvent based and is sprayed at room temperature directly on the mold (eventually already mounted in the Compression Molding Press).


1. no plastic sticking on the mold, avoiding:

a.  manual tools removing (no risk of surface scratches);

b.  downtime to remove the stuck parts on the mold (40% less);

2. few discarded parts due to defects during molding process;

3. no change in mold geometry, perfect surface finishing (mirror-like), without surface defects;

4. user friendly;

5. it could replace traditional mold release agents;

6. non-toxic or harmful;

7. it partially reduces the oxidation of the mold during its down-time.

Application video-guide


AWA Nanogrease – TEC Star developed a new nanostructured additive for greases to increase weld and wear rate performances. Low concentration allows to totally upgrade the behaviour of traditional lubricants.

The nanoparticles within the grease have a double effect:

  • They act by interposing themselves between asperities (rolling contact) and thus bearing the applied load;
  • They lower the coefficient of friction by forming a “sintered” layer on the surfaces, at high loads; 

Thanks to their small size those nanoparticles can manage to enter even complicated geometries and tight spaces with small contact areas and they can act also on abrasive fragments (limiting their harmfulness).

Thanks to this double effect AWA Nanogrease has the main feature to reduce the wear rate and the coefficient of friction, mainly in conditions of Extreme Pressure – EP.

Reducing wear and friction, this additive allows a better control of components heating in the sliding/rolling contact, as well as a sort of self-healing (wear repair), related to the formation of a tribofilm on the contact surfaces .

These features, in addition to improving the instant properties of the parts in contact, allows to extend the life of the mechanical parts lubricated using AWA Nanogrease additives.

AWA Nanogrease was developed on a lithium complex base grease, which is a very flexible grease, compatible with most of the commercial greases, and particularly suitable for EP applications.

For further information you can download the following experimental data-sheet with details about the 4 balls test, conducted in accordance with ASTM D 2596 and ASTM D 2266 to determine the COF – Coefficient of Friction; the WR – Wear Rate; and the WL – Weld Load:

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