Nanoparticles in coatings

European community laws are putting more and more obstacle to application of galvanic coatings (as chrome, nickel, cadmium, etc.), because of their intrinsic hazardousness for human health and environment, both during production phases (for workers) as in final products (allergic effects for consumers). The most penalized substance is chrome, widely used as passivating agent (for corrosion proof coatings) or as functional layer (hard chrome).

By exploiting TEC STAR nanoparticles as nanofillers in galvanic coatings, it’s possible to substitute chrome coatings with less performing metals (if used in the traditional manner), that acquire interesting new functional properties, when functionalized with nanomaterials.

Most common studied metal matrix are zinc and nickel (possibly added with cobalt); by filling these metals with nanoparticles at about 10% wt. concentration, it is possible to increase mechanical and chemical nanocomposite properties, with the following characteristics:

– improvement of corrosion resistance of metal substrate
– increasing hardness of coating
– decreasing wear and friction coefficient
– possibility to replace surface chrome passivation

cromatura metalli

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