In the last decade, nanotechnology has seen many exciting advancements and new applications, moving from R&D for niche applications with high added value (aerospace, hi-tech sport, etc.), to mass production. The forecast provided this year from LUX Research, foresees that in 7 years the global market for the NanoEnabled products will reach about $3.1 trillion with $1.9 trillion just related to the manufacturing and materials market.

Tec Star owns a strong know-how in this field, and, in order to transfer nanoscience potentiality to the industrial applications and exploit all these possibilities, the aim of Tec Star is to support the customer from the phase of analysis, experimentation and development of the new material or product (industrial prototype), up to the industrialization of the process, providing the mass nanoparticles supply.


Tec Star produces multi-component nanoparticles via physical technique, in the size range of few tens of nm. In particular Tec Star produces multi-component metallic alloys and oxides, and ceramics such as nitrides and carbides.

Nanoparticles show brand new properties, deeply different from the correspondent properties of the same material considered at the macroscale. These improved characteristics are closely related to some physical quantity, such as size, distribution, morphology, phase, etc.

These specific properties of the nanoparticles are mainly related to the confinement in quantized nanoaggregates, to the high ratio surface/volume and to the high quantity of surface reactive atoms/molecule.


In last decade, nanostructured materials based on nanoparticles as fillers, found a great evolution in industrial implementations, thanks to a large amount of multi-disciplinary scientific research. The possible applications of nanopowders are almost infinite, ranging from health and beauty (as napkin or sun cream), to aerospace products (additives for rocket propellant).

TEC STAR owns the knowledge and experience for managing problems related to all industrial field in which nanotechnology could bring benefits; till now TEC STAR has successfully found solutions related to:

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